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  • “Life In Stitches,” Release date March 30th 2024. Pre-Order Today!

    As the release date of March 30th, 2024, approaches for my latest book, “Life In Stitches,” the anticipation and excitement within me grow. This narrative, woven from threads of adventure, drama, romance, friendship, and relentless determination, is set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. It’s a story that has lived within me, evolving… Read more

  • Life Hacks for the Perpetually Busy: Navigating Chaos with a Smile

    In the whirlwind of deadlines, interviews, and endless to-do lists, finding ways to streamline your day can be a game-changer. As someone who wears the hats of a podcaster, author, and digital content creator, I’ve stumbled upon (and sometimes into) various life hacks that keep the chaos at bay. Here’s a blend of the humorous… Read more

  • Behind the Scenes of ‘Poddin’ My Noggin’: A Humorous Glance at Podcast Production

    Diving into the world of podcasting with “Poddin’ My Noggin” has been a journey filled with laughter, fear, learning curves, and the occasional unexpected guest appearance by my cat, Mima. From the euphoria of nailing the perfect interview to the despair of discovering you’ve lost an entire hour of an interview due to technical difficulties,… Read more

  • The Future of Entertainment: Humorous Predictions and Imaginative Speculations

    As we peer into the crystal ball of entertainment, it’s clear the future holds boundless possibilities. From holographic concert experiences to interactive movie plots where you’re the protagonist, the line between audience and entertainer is blurring. Let’s dive into some playful predictions and imaginative speculations about the entertainment landscape of tomorrow. Interactive Movies: Choose Your… Read more

  • Exploring the World Through Virtual Reality: A Comedic Take on Armchair Travel

    In an age where technology bridges the gap between imagination and reality, virtual reality (VR) stands out as a beacon of innovative escapism. But what happens when this cutting-edge tech meets the age-old desire for adventure? You get armchair travel 2.0, where the wonders of the world are but a headset away—no packing required. Let’s… Read more

  • The Art of Digital Detox: Finding Peace in a Connected World

    In today’s hyper-connected era, the notion of unplugging might seem akin to stepping out of reality. Yet, the practice of digital detox – taking intentional breaks from electronic devices – is gaining momentum. It’s not about renouncing technology altogether but finding a healthier balance that allows us to reconnect with ourselves and the world around… Read more

  • Sustainability with a Smile: Funny and Innovative Ways People Are Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

    In the quest to tread more lightly on the planet, a dash of humor and a pinch of innovation can go a long way. Sustainability with a Smile explores the lighter side of living green, showcasing the quirky, creative efforts people are making to reduce their environmental impact. Let’s delve into some amusing anecdotes and… Read more

  • The Power of Positivity in 2024: How Social Media is Becoming a Beacon of Hope

    Lately, the buzz of notifications often brings a mix of anticipation and dread, however, a new narrative is emerging from the digital depths. Social media, once critiqued for its role in spreading negativity, is undergoing a transformative resurgence, revealing its potential as a powerful catalyst for positive change. This shift towards positivity is not just… Read more

  • The Journey of “Life In Stitches”: A 15-Year Odyssey to Publication

    In 2008, a younger version of myself, filled with dreams and aspirations, penned a story that resonated deeply with my experiences and imagination. That story, “Life In Stitches,” has finally entered the world 15 years later. The journey from its inception to publication has been nothing short of an odyssey, reflecting not just the growth… Read more

  • Digital Disinhibition: The Psychology of Online Hostility – Part 5 & Conclusion

    Would They Say It In Person? Understanding the Discrepancy Between Online and Face-to-face Behavior Comparative Studies and Experiments To understand the discrepancy in aggressive behavior exhibited online versus in face-to-face settings, several studies and experiments have been conducted. This section reviews these research efforts, providing empirical evidence to comprehend this behavioral divergence. Controlled experiments have… Read more

  • Digital Disinhibition: The Psychology of Online Hostility – Part 4

    Psychological Situations of Online Hostile Individuals Profiling the Online Aggressor Understanding the psychology behind online aggression involves examining the characteristics and traits commonly observed in individuals who engage in such behavior. This section explores these characteristics to provide a comprehensive profile of the typical online aggressor. Key personality traits often associated with online aggressors include:… Read more

  • Digital Disinhibition: The Psychology of Online Hostility – Part 3

    The Contrast with Face-to-Face Interactions Face-to-face interaction is governed by unspoken social norms and the expectation of immediate consequences, which play a crucial role in moderating behavior. This section explores how these factors influence our interactions and why they often lead to more cautious and empathetic behavior than online communication. Social norms are powerful, albeit… Read more

  • Digital Disinhibition: The Psychology of Online Hostility – Part 2

    Social Media as a Platform for Hostility The Nature of Social Media Interactions Social media has revolutionized communication, but this transformation has brought unique characteristics that significantly distinguish it from traditional communication forms. These distinctive aspects of social media shape user interactions in ways that can potentially foster an environment more conducive to hostility. One… Read more

  • Digital Disinhibition: The Psychology of Online Hostility – Part 1

    In the ever-evolving digital age, social media has emerged as a ubiquitous platform for communication, connection, and community building. However, beneath this surface of connectivity lurks a less benign phenomenon: the pervasive presence of hostility, rudeness, and unkindness within online spaces, particularly in the comment sections of social media and internet forums. This blog seeks… Read more

  • Change: Embracing the Inevitable for Personal Growth

    Embracing Change: The Pathway to Personal Growth and Innovation Introduction: Understanding the Concept of Change Change, a term often met with apprehension and uncertainty, plays a crucial role in our lives. It is the cornerstone of evolution and personal growth. While change can be unsettling, its importance cannot be understated. This article delves into the… Read more

  • Navigating Career Crossroads: Unlocking The Hidden Job Market

    It’s time for introspection and envisioning the possibilities that lie ahead. I am beginning to delve into my career journey, exploring avenues beyond the traditional job market. It’s not just about seeking new employment; it’s about uncovering the potential in the hidden job market. With a solid background in Leadership, Operations, Project Management, and Change… Read more

  • Stepping Up to Wellness

    I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought an home treadmill, a long-cherished dream that’s now a delightful reality. Let me clarify right off the bat: this isn’t a New Year’s resolution. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while. I am not the type to go to a public gym, it is not who I am… Read more

  • Not New, Just Better

    Hello 2024, It’s C.K. here, back from the whirlwind of the holiday season and finding myself at the doorstep of a brand new year. The transition from festive relaxation back to the rhythm of everyday life isn’t always smooth. After the holidays, our routines, much like abandoned living rooms post-Christmas morning, can feel a bit… Read more

  • Daily play?

    Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you? As I have aged, I realize that my idea of play is poking at those closest to me, trying to get jump scares and acting silly. It is an outlet I don’t get often because those I feel like playing with are not… Read more

  • Bloganuary 1

    What are your biggest challenges? At this point in time, my biggest challenge would be how to monetize my efforts to continue to create and explore my capacity. Being packaged out at the end of November was a big deal, and I am focused on creating sustainable revenue streams. There are a multitude of ways… Read more